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Wednesday, October 26th, 2022 | University Club of New York

The Private Equity Wire US Awards recognise excellence among private equity fund managers and service providers in the US across a wide range of categories

Voting for the awards is conducted via an online poll of the entire Private Equity Wire userbase, where participants are asked to make their choice among the shortlisted firms in each category.

The GP manager categories cover fund performance and fundraising success by firms across a range of private markets investment strategies – including buyout, growth, fund of funds, secondaries, co-investment, debt, real estate and real assets. The service provider categories span all the key areas of the broader private equity industry.

All winners are invited to attend an exclusive ceremony and networking event on Wednesday, October 26th, at the University Club of New York.


The pre-selection data for the fund manager shortlisted was provided by Bloomberg. Candidates in all categories and asset size groupings were determined as follows:

The fund manager universe included all funds managed by US-headquartered GPs. All funds in each category were grouped into their respective vintages and ranked on the basis of their net IRRs as of the end of September 2021.

For the performance categories, five vintages of funds were analysed – 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2022. All GPs that had more than one fund ranked among the top performers across those five vintages were shortlisted for that category.

For the asset band groupings, asset thresholds were based on the respective individual fund sizes – not the overall assets under management of the GP in that category.

For the fundraising categories, GPs were ranked on the total raised in each respective strategy category for 2019, 2020, and 2021 vintage funds.

For the service provider categories, the nominated firms are based on a widespread survey of more than 100 GPs and other key industry participants.

Nominations for all categories are based on annualised performance over a 12-month period from September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021. Nominations in various award categories are further split by size and strategy as specified in the award name.


Fundraising Categories

Best Overall Fundraising: Buyout

Best Overall Fundraising: Coinvestment

Best Overall Fundraising: Fund of Funds

Best Overall Fundraising: Debt

Best Overall Fundraising: Secondary

Best Overall Fundraising: Real Estate

Best Overall Fundraising: Growth

Best Overall Fundraising: Real Assets

Best Overall Fundraising: Venture

Best Debt Manager (fund size above $1.5bn)

Best Debt Manager (fund size up to $1.5bn)

Performance Categories

Best Performance Over $1.5B: Secondary

Best Performance Over $1.5B: Real Asset

Best Performance Over $1.5B: Debt (Private Equity)

Best Overall Performance Under $500M: Coinvestment

Best Overall Performance Over $500M: Buyout

Best Overall Performance Over $1.5B: Venture (Private Equity)

Best Performance Over $1.5 B: Fund of Funds

Best Overall Performance Under $500M: Buyout

Best Performance Over $1.5B: Growth

Best Performance Over $1.5B: Real Estate

Best Performance Over $500 Million: Debt (Private Equity)

Best Overall Performance Over $1.5B: Buyout

Best Overall Performance Over $1.5B: Coinvestment

Best Performance Over $500M: Real Estate

Best Performance Over $500M: Growth

Best Performance Over $500M: Coinvestment

Best Performance Over $500M: Real Asset

Best Performance Over $500M: Fund of Funds

Best Performance Under $500M: Real Asset

Best Performance Under $500M: Fund of Funds

Best Performance Under $500M: Growth

Best Performance Under $500 Million: Debt (Private Equity)

Best Performance Over $500M: Secondary

Best Performance Over $500M: Venture

Best Performance Under $500M: Venture

Best Performance Under $500M: Secondary

Best Performance Under $500M: Real Estate

Service Provider Categories

Best Foreign Exchange Solution

Best ESG Rating Provider

Best Deal Origination Technology

Best Data Provider - ESG

Best Cyber Security Provider

Best Audit Firm - Start-Ups

Best Audit Firm - Overall

Best Data Management Solution

Best Cloud Services Provider

Best Data Provider - Overall

Best ESG Advisory

Best ESG Solution Provider

Best Accounting and Reporting Solution

Best Audit Firm - Middle Market

Best New Solution Provider

Best Law Firm - Overall

Best Law Firm - Fund Domicile

Best Insurance Service Provider

Best Fund Financing Solution

Best Fund Administrator (GP’s with assets <$30Bn)

Best Fund Administrator – Technology

Best GP Incentive Platform

Best Fund Administrator (GP’s with assets >$30Bn)

Best Investor Relations Technology

Best Law Firm – Fund Structuring

Best Law Firm - Transactions

Best Fund Administrator - ESG

Best Fund Administrator - Private Debt

Best PR & Communications Agency

Best Portfolio Management Software

Best Recruitment Company for Investor Relations & Asset Raising

Best Placement Agent

Best ODD Solution

Best Recruitment Company for Operations & Finance

Best Start-up Solution

Best Secondaries Platform

Best Risk Management Software Provider

Best Secure Work-flow Management Provider

Best Regulatory & Compliance Technology

Best Regulatory & Compliance Firm

Most Innovative Technology

Best Technology Infrastructure Provider

Best Technology Advisory Firm

Best Tax Adviser


Have you been shortlisted? Download your campaign kit below!

Please note that the license agreement to use the materials expires on 24th March 2022.

Why should you participate?

For all the key constituents in the private equity industry – GPs, LPs, and service providers – the Private Equity Wire European Awards provide a unique annual insight as to the most highly-regarded and successful fund managers and service providers. Based on voting from within the industry itself, the results help you to make decisions and choices that can add value to your own business.

For Investors

Knowing which GP managers have outperformed in different types of investment strategies – and which service providers are rated most highly in various areas – is essential for investors. Help us to understand which firms have impressed you most.

For Managers

Identifying, and working with, the best-in-class service providers across a broad spectrum of activities and products is a key ingredient to the success of any private capital investment firm. Tell us which counterparties you rate most highly – and why.

For Service Providers

Understanding which GP fund managers are strongest in which sectors, and how the competition stacks up in your own areas of expertise, gives you vital business insight. Play your part in enabling us to identify who deserves recognition.


Private Equity Wire offers all nominees and winners the platform to increase their brand awareness during and after the awards process, highlighting their achievements

Voted for by participants within the private equity industry itself, the awards are a badge of honour – marking recognition and respect among peers, advisors and counterparties


The annual awards provide firms with an opportunity to assess their progress and standing within the industry, across all the key areas in which GPs and service providers operate


With investor interest in private equity still strong despite the current challenges, it is more important than ever to know how you are perceived and where you stand out


Evening Schedule









Networking drinks reception

Networking drinks and canapes




Address: One West 54th Street New York, NY 10019

Venue Requirements

Dress Code


Electronic Devices

Attendees must be able to provide proof of a full Covid-19 vaccination to gain entry.

Business attire -

blazers/jackets and collared shirt for men. Trainers or denim are not permitted.

Electronic devices must remain silent in all public areas in the Club House.

For more information on any of the above, please click here.

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